Friday, March 14, 2008

We've Moved!

While we are total jerks for many reasons, slackers we are not. Though it may seem the case, we did not abandon ship and just stop blogging... we moved! Sorry about the short notice, as it was a bit if a surprise (a good one, of course) for us as well. We've been so busy with the move we plum forgot to blog about it. Like I said, jerks.

So, we are saying farewell to blogger, thanks for all the memories, and movin' on up to the main blog.

Just head over to and click on the "Our Blogs" link in the lefthand menu. Or you can click into each individual blog, which are aptly named the Den of D. Bauchery, From The Desk of... The Porn Librarian and Venus' Fly Trap. Hot!

In fact, the whole HMFH site is getting a makeover in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for some awesome updates and changes galore.

Meet you guys there!

J.D. Bauchery

Friday, March 7, 2008

Five Hot Stories For Her

We've been reviewing this movie scene by scene for the past five weeks. It's amazing, as is the woman who's behind it, Erika Lust. While we've had nothing but good things to say, our words can't do it justice.

The trailer should help you to understand why we love, love, love this movie:

Now go check out the movie!

You should also visit Lust Films website where you can read more about Lust and her work!

-The Porn Librarian

Mixtape Rewind

Today's song is an ode to my new bedroom set and mattress. As I've gotten older I've created a list of things worth spending money on. The list consists of knives, underpants, sex toys, pots and pans, hookers, and now, an awesome mattress. I thought my old bed was great and missed it whenever I was away. I mean, we had a lot of great times together, but it was time for me to dump the starter wife and upgrade.

New Bed, this is for you:

-The Porn Librarian

Buffy Bats for the Pink Team.

In the latest issue of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight" Buffy finally gets a chance to experience a little bit of the crazy college life she missed out on by dropping out to save the world, again. That's right, Buffy joined the ranks of the heteroflexible as she fell into bed with fellow slayer, Satsu.

Now, I can't bring myself to actually read the comic books no matter how much I love this television series, my brain just isn't wired for comics. I do have to admit that this makes me smile a little.

The brilliant Joss Whedon made it clear that this isn't some big turning point for the character: "We're not going to make her gay, nor are we going to take the next 50 issues explaining that she's not," explained Whedon. "She's young and experimenting, and did I mention open-minded?"

Good for Buffy. Good for Whedon. Probably good for sales too.

You can read more about it and see more of the comic over on

Here's to Hot Chicks with Super Powers,
-The Porn Librarian

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sweden Rocks!

Today, Sweden stands out as a truly democratic place! The people say they want sex toys, and they respond by selling them in their state-run pharmacy chain Apoteket. All hail Sweden!

"We are aware that sex is a very important part of everyone's life. It is important to help people in this area, and there is a certain demand for the products," Apoteket's spokeswoman Elisabet Linge Bergman told The Local.

Check out the complete story.

Meatballs and a sex positive culture. Sweden sounds pretty good right about now!

-The Porn Librarian

Do The Dishes Then Do Your Girl!

A new report released by the Council on Contemporary Families that summarizes a number of recent studies show that American men are getting better about pitching in around the house. What's their reward for this increased contribution? If they're lucky, it's more frequent sex!

It's not surprising that couples who share housework equitably get more action.

If you find yourself doing more than your share, maybe you should leave this article up on your PC as a little incentive for your partner! Or I suppose you could talk about it...

Less cleaning & more screaming O's!
-The Porn Librarian

Audacia Ray Returns!

If it wasn't for people like Audacia Ray, bisexual visablity, especially in the adult industy, would be an endangered species. Returning for a guest spot on this week, the sexpert extrodinaire hits on the history of bi porn, the stigmas attached and what she's doing to bring bi back.

I was not a porn consumer or seeker when I was a teenager. Though I was sexually precocious and promiscuous in many ways, porn wasn’t really on my radar. In fact, when a high school friend found me on MySpace recently and discovered that I’d become a porn director, he was pretty surprised. But since I’m a bit of an extremist, when I began to explore porn, I really did it up. And I wanted to find porn that was like me – bisexual.

At my first job in sex, I lucked into a treasure trove of porn with obsessively categorized videos, magazines, and mementos: the Ralph Wittington Collection at the Museum of Sex. I started as a researcher at the Museum and then became an assistant curator the year it opened – and in addition to jump-starting my career as a sex nerd, being exposed (ahem) to the wealth of smut in the Wittington collection plus meeting a delightful array of sex industry legends got me started on my own personal journey.

Among the carefully labeled boxes that contained videos in plastic archival boxes, polaroids of enthusiastic collector Ralph Wittington with a variety of stars, and a smattering of creepy flesh-colored sex toys was a box labeled “bisexual.” The contents were a bunch of Paul Norman films – the “Bi and Beyond” series that kicked off in 1988. The late 1980s through the mid-1990s were apparently the heyday for bisexual porn – if a heyday can be considered somewhat prolific production from one director.

I was a bit puzzled – this bisexual porn seemed to be kind of a crappy afterthought (even in it’s heyday). The main thing that distinguishes bi porn –then and today- from straight porn is the fact that men touch each other in it; porn with girl on girl action is essentially considered straight. And no one bats an eye if a female performer who does scenes with other women says she’s straight; but guys who do scenes with other guys are thought of as gay gay gay, whatever they call themselves...

Check out the rest of Audacia's awesome column on

-J.D. Bauchery