Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Movie Review: Cubbyholes


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Studio: Trannywood Category: F2M

Finally! A porn movie full of female-to-male transmen, bears, bioguys, and so much more. Cubbyholes takes place at the real life Eros club in San Francisco, and never before have I wanted to be a gay man…but I really want to visit that club! The scenes in this film are super hot, and they mix up who is fucking whom: bioguys with F2Ms, transguy on transguy, you name it. My favorite scene is between Dex Hardlove and Ian Foxe, two transguys who get it on in the locker room. I love the idea of locker room sex to start with, and watching Dex suck Ian’s cock just made my fantasy come to life. Ian Foxe is freaking hot, and his piercing is pretty awesome too. Another great thing about this cutting edge film is that they use safer sex throughout (and we all know how much I love the latex!). The background music is awesome;No cheesy 80’s porno beats for these guys. The music is hip, electronic and goes together really well with the scenes. If you like gay men, transguys, or sex in a famous S.F. bathouse, you’ll love this film. Steamy sex scenes, fucking in a sex swing, and a cub initiation - what more can you dream of?
-Essin’ Em

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